Commodity: vegetable pitch / vegetable oil pitch/Fatty Acid Residue

Packing: in flexi

Spec: av max 80, iv min 70, m&i max 1, index calorific value around 9000kcal/kg

Loading port: any port in china

Usage: Vegetable pitch for oil, Used in fuel, ink, adhesive, water proofing asphalt, road building and other industries

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Changshu Sino Petroleum co. [常熟市中商石油化工有限公司] is one of the major player in 99.5% glycerol market in China,Founded in 2008. we are also the key vegetable pitch exporter for South Korea. Currently, we are hold a manufacture base co-joined with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). At present,Changshu Sino Petroleum mainly focuses on three areas: manufacture , chemistry transportation and logistics, and storage plant.


Floor 1 – 5, Block 3, WangYuHe Bridge, Lian Tang, ChangShu City, Jiangsu Province, China.  Post Code:215530

Contact: +86-18501714971

EMAIL:sales@[no spam]


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